Ask @Autibon:

Wat do you guys think about grammar nazis? I think that they are really annoying and I don’t need or want a grammar lesson because I’m not in school

Honestly I don’t have a lot of people come at me for my grammar as much, it’s really more of my punctuation. But honestly I don’t mind it cause I don’t wanna look like a dumb ass. So most of the time I feel like they are helping me, unless they write it in a rude way. Which then I can see the being very annoying.

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Should men get 20 years on jail for failure to pay child support ?

I think that’s a little extreme.. I mean if they are gonna get jail time for not paying child support I think it should be equal to how long they didn’t pay. I mean you only pay child support til the child is 18yrs old.. so max they are in jail for 18 years but to try & go after the dad after that many years of not paying I also think is dumb cause you should of done it sooner than later.

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How often do you change your mobile phone?

Okay so this one is really funny to me because I literally work for a cell phone company for a couple years now, but you can literally ask anyone & they will tell you my phone is always dead😂 kinda ironic because there is a ridiculous amount of chargers at my job & house but I still find a way to never charge it til it dies on me mid convo...

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