Ask @DarkAndersonEX:

What have you been up to lately?

Lately I've just been on the DL, doing my normal mundane routine of doing my school work for the semester with occasional distractions from either my urge to make things (artistically speaking) or watch Youtube videos. Mainly talking with whoever actually hits me up & my friends on Discord (Mainly just staying my lane & out of trouble). Naturally I've been playing some video games when I feel it's time. Then of course there's also trying to survive at work & hope I don't get screwed over by something. I've also been slowly cleaning up a lot crap I had cluttered, so I'm feel'n a lil gucci now that I've sorted out some clutter.
Kinda been wanting to go out & treat myself. Sort of did with St. Patrick's day, but I'm thinking I need a legit "going out somewhere lively" kind of thing. Just need to be financially secure enough to do so.

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Are all emotions a choice? Can one choose to be happy instead of sad?

Not exactly.
Emotional control varies on the person. A good example was how I was feeling yesterday when I was having an argument with someone. While I was getting pissed, I had a choice of YELLING at them because I was getting that fed up with trying to reason with them, but I chose to not do so. Put me in that some spot a few years ago & I probably would've done so because my control was not as strong as it is now.
For some peeps, expressing their emotions is an instinct. Others can be exact reverse in how they choose to suppress them & so forth. All of that comes with each individuals levels of experience. And both can choose to work on their craft of either allowing themselves to express more or hold back. In my case, I held back to prevent the situation from getting uglier & took whatever was held back out on other things.
This question ALSO KINDA sounds like a form of PERSPECTIVE choice, which I've tackled earlier when someone asked me to share something wise. I expressed how I'm trying to tackle things with not a frown, but a smile. Choosing to tell peeps when they ask how my day was "It was great!" even if I get kicked in groin & slapped right in the face. Hell even starting the day with a "It's starting, but I think it'll go great!" can give a nice push towards a good mood. The whole "glass is half full not half empty" kind of philosophy. In which case, THAT in itself is a choice. Though the level of how difficult that choice can be for a person, once again, varies on experience. I've kinda had it with saying the glass is half empty, so I'm saying it's half full. THOUGH I am keeping it real when I think "it's half full, but I can always make it half empty," in regards to expectations. But that's a whole different ball park.
So in short:
Not exactly.

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do you easily fall in love?

Don’t know about my current self but I know I have been the type to either get easily infatuated or easily romanticize the idea of whoever I got a crush on.
When I was young & common sense was nowhere near me, I easily fell for peeps that were simply attractive AND nice to me. When I got a lil older, it turned to anyone that I worked with, because of whatever chemistry that was forming when we worked together.
Then it finally turned into a more “can I have a future with this person & can we make each other happy?” As I tried to get closer without revealing my feelings.
I’m hoping this year I’m not gonna find myself getting into what I consider “a delusional state.” That way I save the disappointment when I find out that I was only infatuated with the romanticized version of them, instead of the real person.
But what can I say? They say I’m a dreamer. A good old fashion lover boy. A love fool. A... What’s another song reference I can use?

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Would you rather be a philosopher, an astrophysicist, or a psychologist? Why?

None of these options have artist, can’t say I really have any PASSION towards ‘em. Even if I were to choose between Philosopher or Psychologist, I don’t have a strong enough drive to make the choice. I can get down when it’s time to dig deep, but that’s not what I want my life to revolve around.

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When you are in love, does age matter?

[Hello Deep Dante, my old friend]
I used to believe it didn't-ish (I do have an age range after all). There once was a person I made a special exception for, as they were someone I unintentionally fell for out of pure chemistry I believed I had. But alas, people did believe it matters & she was no different. Things got ugly, but it didn't have to get as bad as it did. My recent heartbreak, the one who I've mentioned we've made up, kind of also proved this point as well. Needless to say, with that one person, they were the last time I made that exception ever again.
Age CAN sometimes relate to experience. Not just in regards to dating & other adult things, but how their viewpoints are & how they go about things. Especially when it comes to someone who's from a different generation than yours, you can sometime feel out place when what's hip or cool to them doesn't really float the same way with you. Nothing says I'm out of place when I talk about a VHS or playing video games on a composite screen TV & them younglings don't know what the Hell I'm talking about. Hell even someone who's too old can be thrown of by someone who's in this middle zone who can still enjoy his youth, but isn't "adult" enough for them when I have the ability to be both. It can get in the way sometimes.
And even when we do factor stuff like dating experience & other stuff. Say like, you're an adult like me who has gone through all the motions of growing up to now know the difference between love, infatuation &/or lust. And then there's someone who claims "are in love" with you, but they're still growing. I can HIGHLY doubt that they're in love. As I've stated many times in other answers, it's most likely a confusion with infatuation. Lots of it being biological stuff that can confuse them. And before you know, it was all just a phase. It can get tricky feeling a connection when your levels of emotion & rationality are like and elephant & a mouse.
And in regards to my earlier problem, how it was handled is what separates when 2 adults handle it VS peeps who aren't exactly an adult. Though the irony strikes harder when some of the peeps are the age that's considered an "adult," yet their mentality reflects otherwise. Claim you are mature or anything of the sorts all you want, but words are just words. Your actions will speak louder. Sometimes you'll just find yourself unable to keep up with the youngling's shenanigans, because you've reached a point where you know better. The catch is they don't & you just can't expect them to.
So yeah, age can matter. Naturally it just depends on who you're falling for, whether they're older or you're older. Hell my parents were 13 years apart, but they've been married for over 20 years. So despite all I've said, it's doable IF they're truly the right person.
Am I turning into the love guru with all these latest questions? XD

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