Ask @DarkAndersonEX:

You have an opportunity to make one person absolutely happy, but not yourself. Who would it be?

There's two people that come into mind. Both whom I've already gone out of my way before for them... I think if they were reading this, they'd know who they are. And if any of ya'll have been reading some of my stuff, you might have a good idea yourself...
Yeah. I'm not saying who. Solve the mystery on ya own. (゚ω゚)

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What was the most thoughtful gift that you have received

[Sentimental Dante Alert]
These gifts here, have high sentimental value over most I’ve received so far. They’re very precious to me.
A necklace of two different types of gifts from two different people, both whom are dear. They sent these to me both at special occasions.
Rock & ring provide a form or protection against violence & provide some good luck in a sense. She gave this to me sometime after we rekindled our frienship as she got me one before, but it coincidentally shattered & got loss when we got separated for a bit.
The gudetama (the yellow thing) was there to provide me comfort during the stressful times at work. This one got me this for X-mas as I went to bring her the gifts I got her. It was small but had a big meaning for me. Still does.
Both of these people are not with me now because of some foolish mistakes I made (well, the gem & rock person is back IN A SENSE). It rests where you see it to remind me of who I was & that I can be better.
Though, I do wear these at one special place I go to bi-yearly. This coming up event prolly will be the last time though. The gudetama will come with me for possibly one last stroll, in the place where I received it & the place where I held it tightly as things fell apart.

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Do you actually love someone ???

[You done did it. You asked THE QUESTION]
For the longest time, I didn’t even know what it was. But then came (back) one of my now best friends, Yosakin. She was the first person a year ago who I said “I love you” to & have fully meant it. Even when things fell apart, we still maintained our friendship.
We’ve had our rough moments, but we’re clearly incapable of separating from each other. Even when she’s with someone else, we still love each other. You’ll think to yourself “Wait wat how?” But our love transcends beyond the norm. BFFS that went past friends & went back safe & sound. There may have been some leftover longing feelings for her, but the one thing that matters to me, is that she’s happy, with or without me. I love her enough to let her go with this person she’s with atm.
And I think that’s is a magical thing really.

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