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What's the tastiest thing you've ever cooked? 👍

Tenacious Tommy
Many different things. Could never choose anything on it's own.
Love food my mom cooks!
🍤 Shrimp definitely have to be one of my favorites.
Tonight we're having jambalaya jalapeno cajun boudin, potato salad, Black Eyed Peas with bacon, buttered whole corn and lastly New Orlean's flavored linked Polish sausage cut up and marinated in some amazing juices! Dinner will be quite lovely tonight! Plenty of lunch for him tomorrow as well!

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what should you never lie about?

Saying you are, "okay," and if in the acts of wanting to end your life and for real. Not no... Omgosh. I hate my life and "act like" you are going to kill yourself. I'm talking about the one's that never speak up about it.. And do it... Do not lie to yourself on that. Seek help. Because you mean something. We all do. Sometimes we just lose touch to what tjat something is?

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You'd think the world would be much safer now than it used to be, more dangerous now somehow? 😕

Tenacious Tommy
I feel that people are too comfortable with their selves and their surroundings. They feel that they can do whatever they want. Like.. regardless of peoples feelings towards it and how uncomfortable they would feel? They don't pay mind to whether or not the other person would want you to do that? Ya know what I mean. I just don't get it? Me? I try very hard to make sure that people feel comfortable around me when I'm talking and if not? I apologize and let them know that was not my intention.. You know? ..making them feel uncomfortable... that is not what I try to do, no. It rarely happens because I try to think before I do. Which like I always say over and over people lack this too.

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+6 answers in: “What's one mistake you'll never make again? 👍”

😮 Damn, I'm sorry to hear about that 😮 You just can't get into the minds of these people 😕

Tenacious Tommy
Yeah. People are f-cked. And I do not try to create these events/sistuations? They just happen. I suppose that's life. I just choose to tell/share them to warn people, to let people know that there is people like this in the world. Ya gotta be on your toes. Keeping watch and be aware of your surroundings.
+6 answers in: “What's one mistake you'll never make again? 👍”

What games do you use to play?

I played and play now. A ton of different games.
All the forza games
The Metroid series
All the Halo games
Pretty much all of the Call of Duty and Battlefield games
Modern warfare games
Trials Evolution
Skate 3
The destiny series
I enjoy playing Minecraft
Ark survival is okay
Skyrim and Elder Scrolls was pretty good
Ghost Recon was really good
Grand Theft Auto I enjoy playing. Played alot of the games on the PlayStation and Xbox.
Used to play some fishing and sport games back in the day.
Mario games
Pool games
Full House Poker
Roblox is pretty good
Occasional fortnite
Pubg is really good
Waaaay more games I can't think of atm
Pokemon games

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