Ask @Layladandie:

What are your future plans? Or are you living in the present moment, not thinking about the future?

I’m thinking 🤔 about the future, my future plans are to be an entrepreneur and live in Chatham so I can be with my friends and family when I get older. I do want to live in Atlanta when I get older, so I can live by the Haschak sisters and Mattyb and his sister Sarah.

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As a child, did you want a kitten or a puppy? Did your parents get one for you?

I wanted both, a kitten and puppy 🐶 at the same time when I was a child and ya my dad got me my first kitten at the animal shelter. It was a male kitten, name Tigger which is 8 months now and he’s getting bigger now.

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favorite youtuber(s)?

Colleen Ballinger, Jessica Ballinger, Ballinger family, Aspyn and Parker, Aspyn Ovard, Haschak sisters, Sarah Grace club, Mattybraps, Mattyb vlogs, It’s JoJo Siwa, JoJo Siwa TV, Colleen vlogs, Rachel vlogs, GloZell Green, Kory Desoto, Miranda Sings, Bailey Ballinger, Jacob Ballinger, Rachel Ballinger, IIsuperwoman are my favorite YouTubers.

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Do you know any poem by heart? If yes, what is it?

Ya, I know a poem by heart ❤️ I have many times said sry. I have sent u a lovely 😊 apology but u haven’t responded even once, now I can’t hear ur silence plz reply from wherever u are. Light up my life like a shining star, until then I will pray 🙏🏻 with all my sight for everything between us to become alright.

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