Ask @SananKhan:

wht is best way to overcoome depression ?

Sania Sobhi
There is no best way, there are ways.
Getting out of depression is not done overnight, because depression takes time to build, getting rid of it also takes time.
It takes time because the process of realizing what depression really is, accepting it and changing yourself from the inside is quite painful.
You can skip the natural way and use anti depressants which work really well, are not painful and work as a quick fix, however short term comfort results in long term discomfort, not always but mostly.

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Quote something 🌹

"I know the drinking place, but I am not able to drink. My heart is thirsty and I wail in the hope of a drop. No fountain can fill me up, because I am seeking the ocean. I passed by a thousand springs and rivers in hopes of finding the sea... Have you seen one drowning in fire? I am he. Have you seen someone thirsty in a lake? That is what I am. I am as a man lost in the desert... I am screaming at the loss of my heart."
- The Sage of Herat, Abdullah al-Ansari (d.1088 CE).

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Describe your dream girl ❤

I've been with so many women that I've understood many things.
I've never had someone who wants to be in love for the sake of love,
I've never had someone who wants to live for the sake of enjoying life to it's complete potential.
I want to live, I know one night, any night, I'll go to bed and I won't wake up in the morning.
Till then I want to live, without a worry, without drama, without constant negativity.
My sadness can only come from God, I do not want a person to have that authority.
I'll settle when I find someone who doesn't live in a bubble.
Till then, I am happy and that's all that matters to me.

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