Ask @T3DDYB3AR2M3:

Describe the type of spouse you want in your life. State some of qualities.

I would love for him to wear a suit. To me, guys in suits are fine af....><
If he can find work that requires him to wear it then, yas!! Lol
My spouse right now has everything but the suit. Lol
We communicate, ask all the what if questions, I make him tell me everything! Lol just because I'm a nosy bitch... uhmm... we're growing and learning together! Like, he's literally the best.

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Have you ever skip any classes if you did which class and why?

I didn't really. In my senior year of high school, people from the office called my class to go there. I dont remember why but after going there, I went straight to another classroom because my crush was there. It was an art room and the teacher didn't seem to care. Lol
Other than that, I don't remember ditching. I'm a good student you know? Lol ;P ask me more please! ^^ I'll always be here unless I'm playing game.

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