Ask @ahmadmustafa4:

Perks of being your friend?

-i'm really good at keeping secrets because five minutes later i forget what you told me :P
- I never lie in Friendship, Yes I will do if it helps you.
-I can make people crazy.
- And I go crazy when I see someone wearing my Favourite color t-shirt/shirt :P
- i will be always there to listen to you.
- i will Try my best to always make you laugh.
-If am upset/angry I will tell you but never let you to make me happy btw i don’t get angry :P
-I'll be quiet sometimes.
- i will support you no matter what.
-I won't ever help you with your boyfriend/girlfriend issues.
- i will accept my Fault if I am wrong.
- I love to give Compliments (baesti vale compliments)
-I am nothing like my pictures. I dress up like a Changari xD
-I'll never forget you but I will never text you first, even If I missing you.
-I will try to make you feel special may be everyday.
-I'll be someone you would want to hold on till the end.
- I will tell you more badly, how bad you look when you cry :p So you Won't Cry :'D
- I'll give u likes on ask.
- Sorry fir my Grammar mistakes xD😂😁😌

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