Ask @annaphylactic03:

Would you ever be apart of a Ethical Non Monogamous relationship? What’s your reasoning?

There are many factors to consider but if the other persons ethics and lifestyle overall match what I’m seeking in a partner and if trust and honesty were established and consistent throughout the relationship then it’s not something I’d be opposed to. I think relationships are more complicated by our own personal fears of acceptance and the inability for most to reveal their true selves. We often end up liking and enjoying the company of someone and begin to adapt to their ways of thinking and ideas because we are taught that you need to conform to be accepted from an early age which causes a lot of disappointment among couples down the road.

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What’s most intriguing about the Cinderella story?

Well assuming you’re referencing the Bros. Grimm version it’s intriguing that another French girl, Blanche Monnier was held captive for 25 years in the attic of her family home by her mother and brother (in France) only 60 years or so after the Bros. Grimm version was published. Social status was at the core of both, evil family members plotting and scheming to keep lovers apart and both girls were shunned and hidden away from society, only Blanches conditions and ending were much much worse. I’ve always wondered if the idea (plotted and executed by her own family) to keep Blanche captive yet hidden away was sparked by Aschenputtel.

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