Ask @beccalove71:

What does friendship mean to you? What should your friend be like? Do you have a lot of friends? What could be your reasons for discontinuing friendship with a person?

It means being loyal to another person, always being there for them, and vice versa.
I have a few close friends.
If they did something that was not something a true friend would do, any type of betrayal. Something big, not just any little thing. Really good friends are hard to find.

how many time have you loved?

There are different kinds of love. I love my parents, even though they did a shitty job.
I love my daughter, wholeheartedly, unconditionally.
Then there is romantic love. Not sure how to answer that. I believe if you truly love someone, you always do. Maybe once, if that. I still care for the person, but I think a lot of it was pity. Not sure if I am capable of that kind of love,

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