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Girls what do you think is attractive in guys and do you like it when guys act bad ass

nah i don’t haha. i like when guys are genuine - like be a little nerdy if you are!! i love honesty and sarcasm and i love when guys smell good and i’m a sucker for cute smiles and good hands. i like to be hugged tight. and i just like when you get excited over stuff you like! and if you’re nice to your mom.

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Is it normal for your face to get hot and it to be kind of hard to breathe sometimes Like you feel like you can't take a big enough breath and it's just for a minute so you don't like pass out and die you just HHHHHH

that sounds like a panic attack. you should definitely tell your doctor or therapist or some other trusted adult so they can help you learn how to breathe through it, ground yourself, etc. maybe medication would even be helpful. but yeah you definitely don’t deserve to feel like that!! definitely reach out and see who can help you when you feel that way, that’s scary.

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Did your freshmen year suck? Mine did; I was labeled, bullied, ignored by teachers, threatened and had straight F’s. Along with the abundant amount of cyber harassment. Now I’m a senior at a different school getting straight A’s. My advice to freshmen: make friends, don’t rely on teachers for help

mine was ok!! high school has definitely gotten better as i’ve gotten older - i’m a junior now. i had fun freshman year, but i was definitely awkward and felt kind of out of place? it’s just weird feeling new and uncomfortable i guess. i’m lucky that i’ve had a lot of the same friends for years, and my cheer squad is super supportive.
i hope your new school is a better fit for ya! no one deserves harassment for sure. keep on keepin on!
here’s a pic from my first day if freshman year for the lols haha

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