Ask @cameleanor:

TICKLE QUIZ: 1: Are you ticklish? 2: What’s your worst tickle spot? 3: From 1/10 how ticklish are your feet? 4: What color is your toenail polish? 5: Last time you were tickled? 6: If you could tickle anyone, who? 7: Dare to take the tickle challenge? Reply “I Dare” for rules.

1. yes
2. probably like, my ribs or my feet
3. 7?
4. gold
5. uhhh idk actually! it doesn’t happen super often.
6. i don’t really want to tickle anyone.

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Is it good to tell your mom your crush? Should I tell her mine?

it depends on your relationship with your mom and what you feel comfortable with sharing, as well as how she’ll react and what she’ll do with that information! my mom is my bff and total go-to for some things, but there’s also definitely things i keep secret from her. also it’s nice that i share some stuff with my stepmom and not my mom, and vice versa. 😂😂 just don’t lie to her about things! otherwise, do what feels right. your feelings are yours!

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