Did you complain when you had to pay extra?

i was like wat??!!! no way i was paying extra. i had to pay cash. who the fuck uses cash anymore? i barely recognized the bills. i may not go anymore. i have not decided if its worth the hassle of making sure i have cash and dealing with fucking coins and shit again like its 1998.
edit: mind you i have tipped this establishment many many many many times. it was my custom to tip him an extra dollar every other time or every third time at the most. then they increased the price of the lunch specials (which is what i always get because its the best bargain) by 35 cents a few weeks ago...
anyway i dont mind tipping. because its my choice, like a gift..... but this petty nickle and dime shit i dont put up with. maybe cus his kid was working the counter that day it wont happen again in the future idk. im a regular there and have been going weekly for years now. this incident was uncalled for. if you knew the whole story you would agree with me, probably.