Did getting through that bad day encourage you not to make spontaneous decisions even if you felt like it?

its something I'm aware of. that's often the case with everyone. you try to get through the hour or whatever but tbh I just carry with me such a thick and heavy feeling of inevitably. so its like what's the point? like just sac up and seize the moment and do what I feel must be done sort of thing. like a chore I keep putting of is what I can attribute it to I guess.
idk. I did contemplate leaving some kind of goodbye on here because I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or something. I went back and forth with the idea but in the end it wasn't necessary obviously. I did shut off my pc tho and I never do that cus I'm afraid if I do it will never reboot and I'll have to factory reset it like I've had to do in that past on multiple occasions!!!!! hahaha
and to my good fortune it started up alright the following day :)