Ask @fayearlene1992:

Why are you and your ex not together no more? Do you still love him? Do u still talk? Do you want him back?!

Lol! You people are messy! I will never bad mouth an ex! I however will say that it takes two to make a relationship and we were both at fault it failed.? 💁🏻 He wasn’t/isn’t ready to settle and is exploring his options.. however we still remain good friends and I love him like a bro... and still have contact with his fam ...if God wills for him to be my mate then we will eventually get back if not we’ll always have that friendship and I’ll always love him

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Are you friends with ex’s? Do you still love? Y u break up?

Lmao you are messy! This is one reason I stopped answering these! I am friends with one ex! Still love him but he ain’t ready to settle.. he loves playing girls and everybody knows it...and until/If he changes then maybe we could work ...
To My friends who I love like sisters who are currently fighting over him...
He’s cute but it ain’t worth it👌 take it from somebody who’s been there twice already 😪😭

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If you somehow meet your ex , how would you treat to that?????

I already ran into my first love and it went cordial... he’s married and in med school so he’s doing great! Haven’t ran into the other ex in Texas and I hope that I never will... he’s the one who got me into bad things and ruined me... the people I “dated” in Kentucky weren’t really relationships... more like notches in their belts/ and I was recovering and in a bad place and i have 0 contact with them...

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