Ask @fayearlene1992:

Last time you romantically told someone you loved them? Do you regret it? And how did you do it? Do you still love that person....

It was about 3 years ago... I was drunk... and I don’t well I wouldn’t say regret .... but idek ... I have had people do some really really bad things to me but none of it has hurt as much as this person has hurt me... and the worse thing is I don’t even think he cares or doesn’t realize that he’s hurting me.... and yet here I am still caring and I don’t even know why

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what is the most common misconception about love that you know? and how are you going to debunk it?

So many misconceptions! I’ll just star the “Love is blind”// Love isn’t about pretending not to notice problems. It’s about seeing problems, understanding them, and forging onward despite them. It’s about seeing people for who they are and who they can become. It’s about acknowledging imperfections and choosing not to make a fuss about them.

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