Ask @lan_hoang__:

How to lose weight without exercising ? I have no time to exercise:(((

The easiest is sleep all day and more ( if you can) and just drink water or eat something very healthy like vegetables and meat, just eat a really little bit rice and then come back the bed and sleep...😴 this is the fastest but it can be dangerous ( with someone) maybe they can fall down or tired because your body lost calories too fast.

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My litle girl :))! You are always the best, keep shining, keep following ur dream :)) i love u no matter what happens ^^

Lê Bảo Châuu
I know you from my friends and it's not really a long time but i feel like you are really good person, always follow me and talk to me sometimes. You are one of my good friends and i am so happy to know and make friend with you. Love you too. thank you. ❤

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Well. I’ve loved him for 3 years. He knows that. We’re really close to each other but he never says he loves me too. Then one day, a girl comes to his life. She talks to him everyday. Do many things with him. And then he falls in love with her. They’re on a relationship. Should I do sth??

I think you can not do anything but you should find a new boyfriend because if he loves you, he will tell you (the boys always do it), and he will not allow any girl come to his life. He and you are so close and i think he just treats you as friendzone or bestfriend. So i know sometimes love is just like when you look at someone happy and it is enough. Good luck girl, trust me, someday real love will come to you ❤

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