The first day of my senior year starts tomorrow.
So many times in the past I would think, "My adult days are so far off." But what do you do when the time arrives? It hits you that this is your last year of school. After this, you're on your own.
You have to reflect. What is your decision? What do you want to do with your life? How come you still don't know? I mean, you want a creative job, but those aren't known for being the most stable.
I say fuck it. Get that creative job. Do what you want in life. You want creativity? That means you were born for it.
Maybe you had slip ups. But what matters is right now. Because you'll think back on right now and wish you didn't waste your time weighing risk and reward. NOW is the time. Head forth to the bright future that awaits.

The answer hasn’t got any rewards yet.