What anime are you watching right now?

Soul Eater. This anime is a bit of a nostalgia trip, since it's one of the first I ever watched.
The writing in it holds so much creativity. How do the writers come up with this stuff? I need their secrets, haha.
I'm a little early in the anime right now, but I do hope more character development comes. Maka feels like the most developed character with what we learn about her and her hate for men in the first episode (the reason why I thought was well-written). And in the second episode I like how Black Star's traits are shown; his pride, being both a negative and positive influence throughout. Plus, we learn more about him and how he sticks to his morals when it comes to his decision at the end of the episode. I do wish that Death the Kid had more defining traits other than his love for symmetry. I mean, it's funny, but that can't be all to his character, right? So I do hope we learn more about Death the Kid.
Anyways, I am really excited for the adventure this anime will put me on!

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