What's your favorite video game? Currently I'm hooked on Shadows of Mordor again

Mighty Mouse
I have a few.
Undertale - Has probably impacted my life and my writing more than any other game. I don't know who I'd be without it, to be honest. Not to mention that it's so charming and has such beautiful writing (I'm referring to the Pacifist Route/True Ending).
Breath of the Wild - My favorite time consumer, one in which I made a post about a few days ago.
Life is Strange - I love the calming atmosphere, as well as the atmosphere of an academy. Also really emotional and has 3D characters. I watch a different Youtuber play it every year or so. First it was Cryaotic, then Kubz Scouts, and this past year I watched Jacksepticeye play it.
Corpse Party - Amazing horror game. I love the way despair is captured.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky - Fantastic story line.
Banjo Kazooie - So charming and fun.
Fun fact, I only played three of the games on this list, the rest I watched someone else play... haha.