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Sarah Shariq.
“You can’t be disrespectful to her and expect her to respect you in return...It doesn’t work that way. What you will get in return is a slow build up of animosity and’ll turn the woman who used to daydream about spending time with you, into a woman who longs to get away from you. My thoughts…. regardless of the issue, never let it get to the point of disrespect. You can be mad without being disrespectful…you can disagree without being disrespectful. Once you cross that line and lose her respect, it’s hard to get it back.” -Mr. Amari Soul
truest thing evaaa.

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Trust is ?

Legend ♕
Trust is something that doesn't exist anymore. I'm sorry for answering questions like this lol but I don't have anything better to do atm. so yeah, there is no such thing as trust. I've been backstabbed, People broke my trust, Friends did things that I could never expect. In short if I flew to Mars, I wouldn't miss a single human bring except my family obviously. Life sucks you know. Just don't expect anything from anyone because all this world does is crush you. Badly. I can't believe the amount I've cried for people who don't deserve anything from me and this question was about trust. wow 😂😭😓

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A perfect life partner should be ?

Legend ♕
Tbh no one is perfect, we all have imperfections but for me, I think that the perfect person is some one to whom you can tell anything and everything without having the fear of being judged, Someone who encourages you all the time instead of making you feel bad about yourself or your past or whatsoever. Someone who accepts you for what you are not for someone they want you to be. I mean yeah looks matter, no matter how much people say they don't but they do..but looks aren't everything. A perfect partner is so much more than just a good looking person.
~Whateven. 😓
*Realises no one like that exists anymore in this world*
*Goes back and starts playing 8 ball*

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